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Parentfinder is your child adoption advocate to help build your family.

Our technology and our marketing services have fundamentally changed the world of adoption.
- Mark Livings, CEO, CAIRS Solutions

Why Choose Adoption Consulting with Parentfinder?

When choosing which direction to take on your journey towards adoption, it’s important that you consider all of your options. Do you want to do an independent adoption? Would you like to work with an adoption agency? What about an adoption law firm? Would you prefer to jumpstart the process with an adoption consultant? Or would you rather just build an adoption profile on your own and then try to find an adoption professional to take you the rest of the way?

If you’re not sure of which direction you’d like to take, Parentfinder is a great place to start. We offer several levels of service, each catering to a different path towards adoption.

If you’re just beginning your adoption journey, then Parentfinder’s Preferred Membership might be right for you. The Preferred Membership program was created to serve families and individuals who have yet to decide on an adoption agency or adoption law firm. As a Preferred Member, you’d be guided by one of our adoption consultants through the early stages of the adoption process.

Your Parentfinder Adoption Consultant would help you...

  • Compile the right documentation and understand how the process works
  • Set up and complete an adoption home study in a timely manner
  • Create a dynamic adoption profile book, adoption profile video and adoption website
  • Identify and be paired with a vetted, ethical adoption organization for matching and placement

Even after you’ve been paired with an adoption organization, your adoption consultant will continue to check in with you and advocate for you, when needed. Our top priority is that you are being heard by your agency/law firm and that your wait time is within reason. Your consultant will also recommend ways to increase your visibility and how to better connect with expectant mothers across a broad network of adoption-related websites.

If you’re already working with an adoption agency, adoption law firm, or doing independent adoption, you may consider utilizing our Featured Family Program. This is a great way for families looking to adopt, who already working with an adoption professional, to create their adoption profile and expand their reach to expectant mothers around the country.

Regardless of where you’re at in the adoption process, Parentfinder is here to help.
You’ve been waiting for the right time to begin this next chapter. Let’s talk today and chart a path towards growing your family through adoption.

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