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Everyone has a story to tell. Why not share it in the most dynamic way? Parentfinder’s adoption profiles are trusted by dozens of the largest, most well respected adoption agencies in the United States. Featured Members receive an adoption profile book, video and website all for a one-time fee of $750. They may also utilize Parentfinder Google Ad service to enhance their visibility online.

Our technology and our marketing services have fundamentally changed the world of adoption.
- Mark Livings, CEO, CAIRS Solutions


Our team of professional editors and designers will guide you from beginning to end while you build a rich and dynamic adoption profile. Our team has years of experience building adoption profiles and will help you share your story in a unique, but effective way.

In today’s digital world, it’s important to tell your story across various mediums - including print, digital, and audio/visual. That’s why with Parentfinder, you’ll be able to create an online profile, printed profile, and a video profile. It’s all included in the Featured Family package.

Parentfinder’s Family Marketing Program is used by the most respected adoption agencies and attorneys around the country. And now, individuals adopting independently can harness the power of our network. By sharing your story on Parentfinder, you’ll be visible to birth moms all over the United States.

Parentfinder’s sister company, Pinpoint Marketing, is focused on increasing your visibility behind the scenes. They’ve built SEO into your profiles, ensuring that when birth parents search for adoptive families, your profile will show up organically. You’ll also be featured on our social media pages, along with seven other adoption-related websites - boosting your visibility even more.

Our staff , services, tools and technology areunmatched in the industry.
- Mark Living, CEO, CAIRS Solutions

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What Sets Parentfinder Apart?

Founded in 2010, Parentfinder was the culmination of an adoptive father’s vision for a more efficient adoption process.

Our team is filled with professionals from their respective fields; from technologists to designers, to professional writers and video editors. Yet, they intimately know adoption, and most have joined our team after being impacted by adoption in some way. They truly understand the nuances of the adoption process and are experts in their craft.

Parentfinder offers it’s Featured Families the most advanced set of tools to help them along their journey. Make real-time changes to your profile with our private, interactive editor. View your analytics directly in our dynamic dashboard. Continually enhance your profile through blogging and video creation. The possibilities are endless.

The core team that you’ll be working with has spent over five years transforming Parentfinder into the industry-leading profile creation service that it is today. They’re effective at what they do, efficient in how they do it, and 97% of adoptive parents who have used Parentfinder walked away satisfied with the service.

65% of our parents match in 6 months or less.
95% match within 9 months. Let us show you how.

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