How to Boost Adoption Profiles

Feeling stuck when thinking about what to post on your adoption social media pages?

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- Mark Livings, CEO, CAIRS Solutions

For maximum visibility your goal is to get your Facebook community page to show up in your followers’ news feed. This will only happen when they “interact” with your page. Because of this, we recommend posting content 3-5 times per week to engage with your followers. Here are some suggestions for posts that will encourage or initiate conversations and activity on your page.

How to Write an Adoption Profile

  • Post a “poll question” to elicit responses. You can share these on “Your Story” which can be another fun way to engage your audience each day. We’ve provided the graphics below for you to save and share!
  • Make a movie! Video is the latest outreach tool for adoption. Learn how to make a video through easy-to-use sites like Animoto and post them to your page, as well as other social media sites.
  • Common things unite us all, such as food. If you are trying a new recipe, or looking for one, this is a great time to engage with your followers. Consider a repeating post like, “What’s for dinner Wednesday” where you share your menu and ask others to share theirs!
  • It’s okay to ask for help on how to do something or fix things because people love to offer their help. You could ask how to change a setting on your phone or what to do if you can’t resist buying girl scout cookies for the 10th time. Some can be serious and some can be a little more lighthearted and fun.
  • You could post a ‘joke of the week.’ Mind the content and appropriateness, but a lot of people love corny, one-line jokes that elicit a groan.
  • If you have any traveling adventures, make sure to share where you went or what you enjoyed. Some folks don’t like to share these things while they are actually away (for security reasons), but you can share once you get back home. It doesn’t have to be a big getaway; just a new destination can create interesting comments. Did you find a great donut shop? Did you discover a new bike trail to ride? Did you just visit friends and have a good time catching up? Share these kinds of things!
  • Share a dream or something you can’t wait to do once you are a parent to engage your audience. It could be something like: “I heard the ice cream truck come down the street tonight. I can’t wait to run out there with my child and pick a special treat together. My favorite is bomb pops! What’s your favorite?”
  • A lot of people use their adoption social media page as a way to keep friends and family members updated on their adoption progress, so don’t forget to give an update every now and then on what is happening. Have any contact with a birth family? Still working on a nursery? Completing a home study? Let them know!
  • Use your page as a great source for advice and ideas. Trying to figure out what to buy your teenage nephew for Christmas? Want to know the best snacks to serve for your upcoming party? Looking for a new website to buy shoes? Reach out and ask!
  • Have you ever noticed how much people love animals? That’s right, use the power of puppies, kittens or funny animal stories to warm hearts and share stories!
  • Do you enjoy watching sports or have a favorite team? Feel free to brag about their game or cheer them on!
  • Did you stumble upon an organizational tip or a way to creatively use a household item? Share your new discovery and see what others can contribute as well.
  • Share some memories or traditions with a photo! Here’s a chance to share a bit more about yourself and engage your audience. Share a photo of your uncle fishing at the cabin and talk about your yearly family vacation at the lake with s’mores and campfires. Share a photo of your mom cutting your hair as a kid and how every Sunday was bath and haircut night growing up. Think of fun little stories to share and get people to laugh with you, reminisce with you or share their own stories as well.
  • Play a game! There are lots of fun things like guessing games that can be played. Take a close up photo of something in the nursery and ask “What is this?” and see if people can guess. Give it a few hours and then share the answer. Or think about asking trivia questions (like Jeopardy!), pricing questions (The Price Is Right) or top answers to popular topics (Family Feud). There are so many ways to get creative playing a game and making it a regular “feature” on your page!
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