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Our Adoption Consulting Program is a personalized service that was created specifically for parents pursuing adoption who have yet to decide on an agency or law firm. Our team of experienced adoption consultants will guide you through the home-study process, help you create a dynamic adoption profile, and connect you with a vetted adoption organization in your general area.

Our Adoption
Consulting Services


One-on-One Guidance and Consulting

Insert your content here You’ll be paired with one of our dedicated adoption consultants, who will guide you from beginning to end on your adoption journey. This consultant will help you understand the nuances of the adoption process and advocate for you all along the way.

Custom, Dynamic Adoption Profile Creation

Work with our team of professional designers and editors to create both an online and physical adoption profile book, along with a video profile.

Home Study Assistance

. Parentfinder will make the home study process as easy as possible for you. We’ll pair you with a home study provider in your area and help you prepare, making sure you know everything you need to know beforehand.

Access to our Nationwide Agency Network

Not only do we work with adoption professionals in Alabama, but we work with over 20 of the largest adoption organizations in the United States. By choosing to work with Parentfinder, your profile will be shared by each of these agencies; which means more exposure and less wait time.
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