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January 28th, 2020 We had a very relaxing trip to the zoo today  The temps were cooler so the animals were more active, and with very few visitors, JJ was able to get the undivided attention of the zookeepers  He asks lots of... Read more

New Year’s

January 2nd, 2020 We spent several days in a cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies where we first met nearly 17 years ago!  We met our friends who had a cabin directly behind ours and enjoyed activities like ice skating, roller skating, playing games,... Read more

Daddy’s little helpers

December 27th, 2019 Every Monday Tony and the kids get the weekly groceries together  The kids love to be a part of it They help him push the cart and get it loaded up It's an enjoyable, unhurried time that always ends with a mechanical horsey ride... Read more


December 25th, 2019 We were excited to unveil the kids new play area in the basement  They love it!  We had a great Christmas together as a family  We can't wait to be a family of... Read more

Clara’s birthmom

December 21st, 2019 We spent the morning at a park in Denver with Clara's birthmom, Karina It's always so nice to spend time... Read more

JJ’s Birthmom

December 15th, 2019 We spent the evening with JJ's birthmom, Jasmyn  The kids sang songs to her that we have learned in music class We had a nice dinner together and had a little Christmas celebration... Read more

A present a day

December 10th, 2019 During December, the kids open one present every night before bed The presents are all nighttime stories about... Read more

Clara‘s first haircut

December 8th, 2019 The big two-year-old got her first haircut!  It was a family... Read more

Clara’s Birthday Celebration

December 1st, 2019 We celebrated Clara's 2nd birthday with friends and then had an additional celebration with immediate family the next... Read more
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