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Our Impromptu Trip to KY

When's the best time to take a random, last minute trip to Kentucky During Quarantine 2020, of course! We knew nothing about where we were going but our only stipulations were that it had to be south of us (warmer weather) and in decent driving... Read more

Great Weekends

Two weeks ago, we prepared our vegetable garden Then we spent this past weekend getting it all finished The colder weather has pushed the whole growing season later this year, but not having overly humid hot days is making up for that! This past... Read more

Weekdays in quarantine part 2: Take Out Tuesdays and Game Night Wednesdays

Every other Tuesday we get to the grocery by 6:45 am to be as responsible as possible, and then we usually try to clean the house in the evening A few weeks back we realized that rough Tuesdays’ deserve a little reward, so we started getting... Read more

Staying at Home

Like most everyone, we are taking Mayor Bowser's Stay at Home order very seriously That has meant we are spending a LOT of time at home We already cooked a lot and kept the house pretty clean but we are cooking much more interesting recipes that... Read more

Our friend

I can't imagine your pain but I want to be the one to help you through it!❤️ Hello! My name is Bekah and I am a hopeful/waiting adoptive mother My husband and I would love to adopt a precious baby but we would also love to really truly be there... Read more

STAND IN YOUR LOVE by Josh Baldwin

Hello,   This song helps me remember that no matter what we  may go through in this life, God is in complete control of everything, ever decision, every action/inaction, everything I think the harder part is seeing that and then letting go of... Read more


Today was the first day (after 3 months) I got to see my best friend, Candice Currently she lives about 2 hours away We first met back in 6th grade and our bond has never been stronger I have this picture she gave me of her riding a donkey for this... Read more

Spring is Here!

We are so thankful after a rainy few weeks, that Spring has finally arrived in Michigan! Every fall we plant tulips at it is such a fun sight to see them in bloom We also noticed that a mother robin has made a nest along our house and we are... Read more

Family Fun Day

To help combat the boredom and lonliness of the stay-at-home orders we are under, we decided to have an all-day, family fun day The weather wasn't great, so we stayed inside We started our day with family Lego building, where we each built a new set... Read more
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