Online Journal

Spring Shelter

First off, we hope everyone is remaining as safe as possible during these very odd times of COVID We’ve certainly taken time to adjust and follow safety protocols for the state and our jobs While life has changed for now in many ways, we’ve... Read more

Fun Facts: Couples Edition

Fun Facts about us, as a couple 1 We love to laugh! We are always laughing at each other (I mean "with" each other!! haha) 2 We love to travel! Vacations are one of our favorite things to do together! 3 We love playing games together Board games,... Read more

Changing our routines while we wait during the quarantine

It's been over a month now in our new "quarantine" routine -- working from home, home-schooling the boys, and figuring out how to get by without the normal things open we usually depend on Below are a few of the things we're doing differently:   -... Read more

March is Here!

March has been an exciting month for our family It stared with Laina participating in her first schooling horse show She rode her favorite pony Henry, and enjoyed spending time with fellow horse back riding friends on the day of the... Read more

Our Hearts

Hello beautiful mama! Our hearts are ready to love you and your precious child You are so brave and have so much courage I hope you are not overwhelmed, and I hope you feel supported We are Nathan and Rebekah from upstate NY We are a homestudy ready... Read more

“How He Loves” song by David Crowder Band

“How He Loves” by David Crowder Band                  https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=Plngh8SkkA4   This is one of my favorite songs because it reminds me how much God loves me I’m one person out of 7 billion people on this earth... Read more


Easter looked a little different this year But we were able to enjoy it together We had a nice dinner, had an Easter egg hunt outside, found Easter baskets throughout the house Made some Easter crafts for our family and friends and even dressed up... Read more

Letter from Great Grandmother

Dear Expectant Mother, I am sure that you are wanting to choose the very best parents for your expected newborn We are a very close family and Jennifer is one of my thirty-one grandchildren Yes, you are reading this correctly and a little more about... Read more

Foster Puppy

We decided to foster a puppy during this time  It has been a great experience - going for family walks and getting outside a lot!  Tito is quite a cutie, even though he is still recovering from some skin... Read more
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