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November Highlights

November was filled with some fun family events and lots of grandparent time! These pictures and their captions tell our November story We started our month with a visit from my parents Luke loves his Gigi and Papa We went for our first trip to the... Read more

Different kind of Easter

Though it wasn't a traditional Easter, we had some fun  Mitchell liked searching for eggs, though he really just liked shaking them! We Facetimed with our family  Hoping next year we will be with family, and if our prayers are answered, a new... Read more

Riding Horses With My Mom

Last weekend my mom called me up on Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to join her in Park City to ride the horses in the arena since the trails were still wet I hadn’t ridden a horse in a few months because of the winter weather I headed up... Read more

Handling the Current Norm

I've been hearing the current pandemic stay-at-home orders are either going to make or break relationships  Thankfully, Kevin and I are on the "make" side  It probably helps that our house gives us plenty of individual space if we need it :)  I... Read more

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend This weekend was definitely not how we would normally celebrate the Easter weekend, but we made the best of it Normally we would be traveling from house to house getting together with both sides of our family for Easter dinner or... Read more

March 27, 2016

Mea Culpa   Disclaimer- again, these are a few years old, but there is truth in all of them Words I cannot say Healing that has come with the birth of AJ, and the prolonged eternal hope that I can provide both he and Jackson with a second sibling,... Read more

Waiting out the Virus….

We are patiently hanging out at home doing some cleaning and planning for remodeling projects to hopefully start soon while in this stay at home order We had a quiet easter this year, normally it is spent with family We did FaceTime some family,... Read more

Why we want to adopt…

We honestly don’t even know where to start, so we’ll start from the beginning… We met when Ricardo came to this country from the Philippines He wound up in my elementary school and we became friends We wound up always being together, but never... Read more

You are loved – Letter to Birthmother

Dear Birthmother, We wanted to write something to you, so you truly understand who we are We are only given a certain amount of time for our video and we must include certain information I believe there may be a few things missing or not expressed... Read more
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