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Happy Easter

Happy Easter - may you know that God loves you, today and always! Blessings to you, The... Read more

Faye and Lyam stay over

Last weeks our niece and nephew, Faye and Lyam, stayed over regularly Robin's sister works as a nurse in the hospital and has had to work extra the last few weeks With Faye and Lyam we have done nice things indoors, such as clay, arts and crafts,... Read more

March 26, 2016

Where we Begin March 23, 2016 I have thought of a thousand and one ways to possible start this, but every time I try, I never end up with words or convictions or really anything other than what to say I know how I am feeling, but I am unaware how... Read more

Times are a-changin’

Hi there,   We just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know that we are thinking of you  The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed all of our lives and added some extra stress and chaos to all of our days  We are praying that, in the... Read more

Letter from The Grandparents

Dear Expectant Mother Jennifer (our daughter) and Dan have so much love in their hearts and are so excited to have their family grow as parents againAnd MacKenzie can't wait to be a big sister! This is a family that is kind and generous, are great... Read more

Always doing something

The other day, our dishwasher decided to break down on us It's about 11 years old, so I guess it's ok that it did It worked perfectly fine until the computer in it decided to fry itself We tried everything we could, googled everything, watched... Read more

No Easter during quarantine

Being that we live in New Jersey, we are quarantined due to the COVID-19 outbreak It's been about 3 weeks now, and the funny thing is, time is passing by so quickly! Not too much has changed for us because we work from home The only thing really... Read more

Opening Day

Even though we don't get to go to opening day this year, we love being able to go out and enjoy games Since I (Ashley) am from Colorado, I grew up going to games as a family activity and that was one of my favorite childhood memories Especially the... Read more

April 2020 Nursery Reveal

Our nursery is officially done The silver lining to being home everyday is having plenty of time to work on our nursery We did a gender neutral theme with hints of light gray, white, and robin egg blue We also included a few Winnie the Pooh pieces... Read more
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