Online Journal

Weekend Shenanigans

  This weekend we spent cleaning up the front yard to get ready for spring We mowed the lawn, and cleaned out the mulch beds We enjoy spending outside doing things as a family to make our house feel more like a home Spring time in South Carolina... Read more

fun while staying safe and home!

Once again I am challenged in my pics when transferring  They are correct in our files and then are sideways  Haha! We have been trying to have fun while staying at home safe  We go outside a lot  The little man loves wandering and splashing in... Read more

Before the Craziness

Before the craziness broke out in the US we were able to get in our yearly family Florida vacation Making memories we will never forget  Last night on the beach at sunset before leaving  One of our favorite days-went to the Tampa Zoo   Soon after... Read more

Virtual Life

While everything feels completely different these days, we are taking real comfort in the familiar We're doubling down on some of our most comforting traditions Our Sunday night dinners have elevated--we're making the foods that we both grew up with... Read more

Bird house is up!!

Our homemade bird house is up!... Read more

Spring in DC

Although there are still some cold mornings, Spring has definetly arrived in our part of Northern Virginia We've had some beautiful, warm, sunny days the past few weeks, which has made staying at home more enjoyable Matt and I both have home... Read more

April 2

Corona Virus is full force in our world  We have been on total lockdown for about two weeks right now  This is not affecting us to bad  We are staying busy as we are home now all the time  We are getting alot of projects down around the house... Read more

Cute puppy videos to share

Cute puppy videos to share We love this video off the internet Hope it brings a smile to you... Read more

Window Art

Our town is having a "Window Easter Egg Hunt" this year Everybody is making Easter eggs and putting them in their windows Then during the month of April, you can drive around and try and spot all of the eggs! Our family each made a special egg Then... Read more
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