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Relaxing in Berlin

  After a beautiful year with friends, family and other special moments, a bit relaxing in Berlin     We moved through the city on a electric step :)     Wintertime, warming up with hot... Read more

Who is winning with playing board games

On a rainy sunday, Iris is winning from Homme Jan with playing chess and Eline try to win from Marloes, Rob and Mahagany with playing Settlers of... Read more

Our Oldest

This was written by our oldest son, Judah, who is 5 years old He wanted to write a journal entry like mommy and daddy do Hi, my name is Judah I really like to play games with my dad I got a lot of new games for Christmas I like to snuggle with my... Read more

Post-birthday decorating in the baby’s room

I just celebrated a birthday and received a wonderful birthday present, an Amazon Echo: we’ve been talking about getting one for the baby’s room   We both love music and love our audiobooks and have recently come to appreciate the ability to... Read more

Thinking about what we’ll teach our child about having pets (Nov 2019)

Originally posted November 11, 2019   This morning, I am at the vet with our cat, Mr Pointy I mention this because our experience with our cats is something I wish we could be sharing with the child we will eventually adopt   A year ago, we were... Read more

False alarm (Sep 2019)

Originally posted September 8, 2019   I’m writing this not to elicit sympathy, but because it occurs to me that it could be a teachable moment Also, writing helps work things out or at least sometimes clarifies, and that would be a good... Read more

Teaching a child to be kind (Aug 2019)

Originally posted August 19, 2019   I just came across a lovely story about being kind, shared by a friend I found myself wondering if it was true, as if that would negate the story, make its message evaporate   And then I realized: I don’t care... Read more

Getting sleep while we can (June 2019)

Originally posted June 23, 2019   I went to sleep early, last night (because tired), so I woke up early this morning I want to sleep more, but I tell myself that if I sleep too much now, I won't be able to sleep well tonight All the sages tell me... Read more

Fathers Day wishes (June 2019)

Originally posted June 16, 2019   Many thanks to Carla, from Michaels She has helped us so often that she knows our story She wished David a Happy Father's Day, yesterday She added, "Well, you will be, right" Very true Little bursts of hope like... Read more
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