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Trying to install google plus 1 on these posts

if you can see my google +1 please click to let me... Read more

What do you like best or least about parentfinder

What do you like best or least about... Read more

American Pickers

John and I felt like the guys from American Pickers this weekend We went to an estate sale that took place in an old warehouse which hadn't been opened in 15 years! Since we watch American Pickers ALL the time we knew to bring flash lights giving us... Read more

The waiting

We can finally see the grass!   It had been a very long and snowy winter around here and I seriously thought we'd never see the grass appear again  Seems like we waited for it forever!   Now that the snow is going away, we're all looking forward... Read more

Great day in Fla

Great training session from FLA today how is your day... Read more

That time of year…

I guess this time of year is hard for many peoplethe weather changes so much, visits with friends and family get lost on the shuffle due to busy lives and sick kids It's been a mixed time around here though productive I recently came back from... Read more

Monster Jam!!

  Eli and daddy went to Monster Jam the other night, and had a blast  Eli has some monster trucks he plays with, so he recognized some of them when they came out to put on their show  Jason was pretty excited to, he still enjoys them just as... Read more

Sat. evening training.

put in you message this can be what ever you... Read more

I love my job!!!!

I am so thankful I can stay at home with Eli and watch him do things for the first time This is something I will get to do when we are blessed with another child Eli is funny, smart and so caring When daddy comes home at lunch or after work, he... Read more
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