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Pre-school fieldtrip!

  Eli's pre-school took a fieldtrip today to the bowling ally He was so excited to go, and even more excited when he bowled two strikes Since I stay at home, I was able to go along and help his teacher I'm so happy that I can participate in his... Read more

Feeding the ducks and geese!!!

Today it was nice outside, so Eli and I decided to go feed the ducks and geese at one of the parks in town Eli is so funny, he usually ends up snacking on the bread we take for the animals As you can see in this picture he is having his snack too... Read more

Nursery themes!

Nursery themes that we are deciding on   For a girl: Lady bug Bunnies   For a boy: Jungle theme Safari... Read more

Baby names!

We already have baby names picked out for either gender!!!!!! If its a girl: Isabelle Marie  (first choice)!!! OR Mckenzie Marie     If its a boy: Caleb Joseph  (first choice)!!! OR Gabriel Joseph... Read more

Parade Day

Every year there is a town parade and a day full of fun for the children We take Eli to the parade and then to the park so he can jump and play on the inflatable toys  In the evening we go to the carnival so he can ride the rides  He has so much... Read more

Inspirational messages for birth parent(s), adoptees, and adoptive parent(s)

Adoption is a gift of the heart   Although you did not grow in my belly, you grew in my heart   A gift of selflessness Dedication to the wellbeing of a child Opportunities for the child are endless Placing the needs of a child before your own... Read more

Another Busy Weekend

Our weekend was spent on some home improvement We painted the deck a redwood color and everything else a nice bright white (check Jan 2011 pics) It came out better than expected and adds some lightness to the back yard The next day one of our... Read more

another PF training session

here is my post having... Read more

Doing PF training

Get to do a short training session... Read more
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