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You’ve been planning for this. You’ve been saving for this. Kick start your adoption with Parentfinder’s Preferred Membership. Our services help you match/place faster than the traditional adoption agency.

Our technology and our marketing services have fundamentally changed the world of adoption.
- Mark Livings, CEO, CAIRS Solutions

Preferred Membership,

You’ll be paired with one of our dedicated adoption consultants, who will guide you from beginning to end on your adoption journey. This consultant will help you understand the nuances of the adoption process and advocate for you all along the way.

Our team of professional designers and editors work with your story and photos to create both an online and physical adoption profile book. Using our video app, you’ll shoot and upload video and photos that our edit team turns into your video profile. We also build your adoption profile website where everything displays.

Parentfinder will make the home study process as easy as possible for you. We’ll pair you with a home study provider in your area and help you prepare, making sure you know everything you need to know beforehand.

We work with over 20 of the largest adoption organizations in the United States. By choosing to work with Parentfinder, your profile will be shared by each of these agencies; which means more exposure and less wait time.

Over 97% of adoptive parents who have used Parentfi nder
walked away satisfi ed with our service.

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Providing adoption consultancy and profile creation services in

What Sets Parentfinder Apart?

Founded in 2010, Parentfinder was the culmination of an adoptive father’s vision for a more efficient adoption process. Over 97% of adoptive parents who have used Parentfinder walked away satisfied with the service.

We work hand-in-hand with dozens of the largest, most successful adoption organizations across the US. We have the network and resources to help you match with an expectant birth mother in a shorter time-frame than any other service.

Our adoption consultants know adoption. We work solely in private infant adoption and understand the nuances of the adoption process. Our consultants are focused on helping you grow your family

We’re not interested in selling you four-hour seminars and webinars or charging you for an hourlong
book review. We’re focused on helping you climb the ladder that is the adoption process in the most efficient, effective way possible.

65% of our parents match in 6 months or less.
95% match within 9 months. Let us show you how.

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